Nursery Environment

Our nursery is staffed by a team of qualified professionals who are dedicated to building strong relationships with children and their families. Enhancing continuity of care is one of our key objectives.

Staff work together to ensure a safe, secure, stimulating and fun environment is provided and maintained at all times to support all children’s learning and development and welfare needs.

We strongly believe that the most important learning and development for every child happens at home with their parents. We have therefore designed our nursery environment to reflect the characteristics and qualities of a home to help ensure the provision of an optimal learning environment for each child’s continued development.

At The Pink Cottage we have an extensive, secure garden for the children to enjoy throughout the year. A raised vegetable planter, a wooden play house, a living willow dome, a large sandpit, a little hill, a wooden bridge and a large selection of wheeled vehicles and climbing equipment are all available for the children in our nursery garden.

Inside our nursery offers five bright and spacious play areas, fully equipped with a wide variety of stimulating resources and equipment designed to support the development of children at each stage of their learning and development.

The babies and toddlers are cared for downstairs at the nursery and the older children are cared for upstairs. Although the children are cared for in different age groups and in different areas of the nursery, they progress onto each new room at their own pace, as and when they are ready.